Sitecore SolR

How to install SolR 8.4.0 for Sitecore 10

Since Sitecore 10 was released, you need a new version of SolR on your working system. Right now Sitecore 10 needs SolR 8.4.0 There are couple of ways to have SolR 8.4.0 on your working system. #1 The Solr-Singledeveloper.json deployment configuration file installs and configures Solr with SSL. You can do this from any of […]


How to install Sitecore 9 with existing SSL certificate

You probably installed already Sitecore 9 on your environments following different blogs with necessary clarifications. But, might happen that you already have a SSL certificate for your environments. The affected places are: Installation of SolR Installation of Sitecore 9 itself One of the places where SSL it’s needed its on the SolR instance. So by […]