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Sitecore Community Meetup #7 follow up

1 week ago we had another Sitecore User Group meetup in Cluj-Napoca. And it was a blast.

We had the meetup at a new cool location in the city Silicon Forest Central Park

Silicon Forest Central Park

And this time the meetup was sponsored by Sebastian Tecsi, Vlad Iobagiu and Daniel Mocan.

I was a nice evening where we gathered and talked about some interesting subjects.

First, we kicked off with Using and Customizing SXA presented by our friend from Slovakia: Peter Procházka . This presentation was online and unfortunately we forgot to record it, but Peter had a similar presentation on SUG meetup organized on 27th September 2019 in Budapest and you can watch the live stream recording

Second, we had Alina Fodor and she showed us Provision Sitecore in Azure and Continuous Integration using Azure DevOps. She made as well a live demo where she created a new instance of Sitecore 9.2 in Azure using Azure DevOps, and by the end of her presentation the new Sitecore instance was deployed and content available and published.

In the last session, we had proposed some round table discussions where we would split in 3 groups where each group will have a specific subject. Thank you Vlad for the proposal.

But we were not that many left in the room so we decided to change a bit the proposed session – we all proposed subjects and voted what to discuss and we all discussed the subjects with higher number of votes.

We had the following subjects proposed: Sitecore Forms, JSS, GDPR, Azure Search vs SolR, Publishing Service and New features in past 5 years in Sitecore.

And after votes, we all discussed about Sitecore Forms, Azure Search vs SolR and New features in past 5 years in Sitecore and it was very interesting.

Our meetup photos are published here

And you can take a look at our session slides here

Thank you all for joining. And do you want to present at our next Sitecore Meetup in Cluj-Napoca? Now is your chance! Please fill up the form or get in contact with us! We are looking especially for people that can present on location in Cluj-Napoca.


By Sebastian Tecsi

Sitecore MVP 2018-2021
Sitecore Architect

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