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Sitecore Community Meetup #6 Review

2 weeks ago we had another Sitecore User Group meetup in Cluj-Napoca.

It was a nice evening where we gathered and talked about some interesting subjects.

First we kicked off with JSS and Marketing Automation presented by our friends from USA: Corey Smith and Rick Bauer Focusing on developers, this session provided a high-level understanding of what the end product of Sitecore Marketing Automation should look like from a marketer’s perspective based on real-world use cases. Then we pop open the hood and show how it was achieved using JSS, including tips, tricks, and lessons learned. This presentation was online and we recorded it so you can watch it later .

Second, we had Vlad Iobagiu and he showed us how to Extend Commerce Engine in Sitecore. He made as well a live demo and he promised that he will try to blog more about Sitecore Commerce.

Last presentation, by Sebastian Tecsi it was of SUGCON Europe 2019 follow up. Where we talked about some selections of presentations from SUGCON Europe 2019.

Our meetup photos are published here .

And you can take our session slides from

Also you can look at session slides from SUGCON Europe 2019 in here, and we are still waiting for session videos.

In meanwhile SUGCON India 2019 happen and they were quite fast: session slide are here and session videos are already online in here.

Thank you all for joining, especially the visitors from other cities that came to Cluj-Napoca for our small meetup.

PS: If you want to present at our next Sitecore Meetup in Cluj-Napoca? Now is your chance! Please fill-up the form or get in contact with us! We are looking especially for people that can present on location in Cluj-Napoca.

PSS: Here is the links with the Chrome Extensions that are related to Sitecore:


By Sebastian Tecsi

Sitecore MVP 2018-2021
Sitecore Architect

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